Build a home

You know these thoughts and feelings that you keep dismissing out of your mind? They’ll keep coming back to you as time passes by, like haunted spirits on a new moon night. Because you never really gave them a place to stay. You never accepted them because it was unsettling to think about. Yes, someone hurt you and the only known way to move on was to let them go. You walked away from that place,  that person,  that time. You buried your feelings and assumed that until the day you ran into one of those three,  the feelings would never resurface again. 
But they did. Didn’t they? 

Everytime you heard or mentioned their name,  a painful feeling ran through your spine, you lost your breath for a split second, a familiar memory crept into your mind in the dark depths of the night. 
Even when you promised yourself to never think of them again, as time passed by, you occasionally forgot why you made that promise in the first place. 

You slip. That yearning to see their face, to hear their voice again overrules every cell in your body. 
A lot of time has Passed now. Maybe they’re different. Maybe things can be different, you think.

We never shelter the unrequited feelings of our heart- out of embarrassment,  out of pain,  out of fear. No matter how strong the relationship was,  we’ve found ourselves down that one way street, alone- waiting for the other person to see us, acknowledge our feelings and reciprocate them. 
When we imagine going back to the person, we once walked away from,  what we really hope for,  is to return to the way we expected things to be. What we really want,  is for people to redeem themselves and treat us better. 
Would you go back, to the same person who treated you in the same crappy way? 

Build a home for all the feelings that you once shunned away into the cold darkness. 

And if you still feel that your relationship can be salvaged, then open the door of your heart and let them in.


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