It is said that we all are made of stardust,

Stars that burned themselves,

Until they could burn no longer.

Stars that once glowed brightly,

From Millions of miles away,

Are now a part of you and me.

Isn’t it possible that the people,

who cross your path & touch your heart,

Are more than just people?

For they could be made of stardust,

From the same star that you’re made of.

The chemistry that you feel with someone,

Could be much more than just a connection.

Maybe the speck of stardust in you,glows a little,

Each time you cross paths with someone,

Who possesses the soul of the same star.

How naive are we, to define ourselves,

Within the insecure boundaries,

Of gender, color, and religions,

Unaware that we’re the same age as this universe,

Infinite, boundless, traveling through time,

Through space & distance to be who we are.

To be reborn after we cease to exist,

For it is truly the rule of this universe,

That matter can neither be created nor destroyed,

But only be transformed!


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