Worlds apart


This one’s for someone I lost recently…

Aunty, I hope you have found your place among the stars!


Incomplete poems,

Unfinished paintings,

Words left unsaid,

Hanging in the silence,

And the ones gone unheard,

Amidst the chaos,

Untold stories,

Unshared moments,

Unexpressed feelings,

Broken bridges,

Unbid goodbyes,

Unrequited love,

The almosts,

the what if’s,

And the never agains,

I hope they all find a place,

Somewhere far far away,

From the land of “hanging in between”

I hope they find closure,

A place to settle down,

Buried peacefully under the earth,

Only to be born again,

As a sapling in green,

Carrying new hopes,

Dreams and second chances,

To be embraced by a heart,

That’s fully mended with time,

For we all are born out of stars,

Only to find our way back to them,

A life filled with memories,

A world full of wonders,

Seen with sparkling eyes,

Scattered as ashes,

Scattered as stardust!


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