FFfAW: Empty spaces

Music! The neighborhood was full of music. Of raindrops on window panes, the rustling of leaves, the howling of the cold wind on snowy nights, the arguments of the Latino couple next door, children melodiously humming Christmas carols, the soulful artist down the street who made a living playing his violin. My favorite, was the slapping noise her shoes made against the wet pavement, walking the streets on a rainy day.

I always thought that the last sound I would ever remember was the smashing of our car against the parapet of the bridge, as she’d driven off of it, in her angry-drunken state.

After living through a few days in Coma, I’d learned that I survived the accident, she hadn’t!

Music! The neighborhood is full of music!

But now, the only sound I can hear, is the silence of her absence!

This post is written for the below challenge. Click on the image to read other entries.

This post is written for the below challenge. Click here to read other entries.




  1. Priceless Joy · July 18, 2016

    How sad that she killed herself! Your story had such beautiful writing and descriptions! Yet, such a sad ending. Wonderful story! I want to let you know that I had to delete your link to The InLinkz story board because it wasn’t the right link. This way, you can try and link it again. If you need Instructions on how to link your story, send me an email at pricelessjoy@icloud.com. Welcome to the FFfAW Challenge! We are happy you have joined us!


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