The universe that we carry in us!

Tell me, what is your story?

You said that your life was simple, Almost boring!

I know! I know of the world that you carry within yourself. A world full of wonders and chaos, of hurricanes and earthquakes. A universe of your making, adorned by your memories, fears, hopes and dreams, your quirks, things that can bring you joy, the waves of your grief, your sorrow, your pain.

So, tell me all about them. What sets your soul on fire? What makes your eyes glint with passion? What makes you nerves tick? I don’t want your hello and goodbyes, the obligatory small talks about the weather and people. I know you have deeper oceans, in which you try to stay afloat.

So, let’s skip the pep talk, and dig deeper.

I want to know your dreams, your fears. I want to see how silly can you get?

I want to know the threshold of your pain, your patience and your desire. What pushes you off the edge?

I want you to explore your world, fearlessly, as much as possible. I want your madness, your anger, your pure stupidity, your lame jokes. Talk to me about your deepest fears, your nightmares, your passion, your first crush and your last heartbreak. I want to know the extremes of your nature, the silence of the calmness that lives within you. I want to see every hue of your being, your torn edges, the incomplete dreams and the broken promises.

Talk to me about all the glances and the smiles that made you swoon and made your heart skip a beat, about the unrequited love, about disappointments, your wishes and imaginations. Tell me about your 2 A.M’s, the persona’s you blend into (heaven knows, we all have one), the unspeakable, foolish things you’ve done or plan on doing. Let me in, into your deep darkest worlds.

Unearth all that you are, I want to drown in the depth of your oceans. Don’t hold back the storm that you are, because I am not the one who runs for cover when it thunders!

So I ask again, what is your story?


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