Among the stars I lay my heart!

City lights they shine, like fireflies in the night sky.
Spread across a land afar, so distant, as we look by.

City lights glowing like dreams turned into stars on earth. Every house has one, a dreamer, a fearless soul, whose mind wanders among the clouds, while his feet grazes the earth.

She’d said, that a star was born with the birth of each one of us. And I always searched the night sky, to find out which one belonged to her.

I believe that our stars glow a little brighter with every new dream.

The night sky is glowing, like city lights down here on earth. With each star burning brighter, I wonder if right now, someone is gazing at the same stretch of sky, thinking of the same things as I do- praying for all the second chances that I lost in vain, looking forward to all the memories that I’ll make.

Maybe the stars remind us of people we’ve lost to this world, the love we had to sacrifice, or the promises we made. Maybe the stars makes us believe in a life that is so beyond our control, a life that is mesmerizing and miserable all at the same time.

The star that was born millions of years ago, whose light still reaches me, will cease to exist in a few years, or maybe it would shine upon another dreamer a hundred years later who would think of the same things as I do now.

The possibilities are infinite, but it makes me wonder.

“How do you go on after a heartbreak?” he jerks me out of my thoughts.

Its a night out, a stag party in the middle of the woods, yet here I am, muddled among menories and thoughts. My friends are swapping stories, of adventures and misfortunes, sitting around a bonfire, one guy is playing his guitar and the other is dancing drunkenly to its notes. The bonfire and the booze warms us, yet I feel cold on the inside.

I’d never realised that our life was a jigsaw puzzle, completed by the pieces of the people we meet. Now I know, that mine will never be complete, for the center piece is lost on someone else.

“Some day, we’ll meet, talk but not just speak, listen but not just hear. We’ll talk about the happy and sad memories, of the universes within us, of the lives we have built without each other. I know someday it’ll get better and someday it’ll hurt a little less  than it does now. We both will have a life that will be complete, if not perfect, someday it’ll be ok”

Some day the star that was born with me, will burn bright again, with all the new dreams that I’ll dream of.

The city lights are fading now with the wake of night. The stars will shine brighter tomorrow. Some will cease to exist, and new ones will be born.

Until then, I’ll lay my heart among the stars!



  1. Sharmil N · June 13, 2016

    Beautifully written … Every line has so much dept and emotions. Awesome 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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