Ep 3:

There’s magic in this world,
In the kindness of strangers,
In the familiarity and comfort of loved ones,
In the smile of an infant,
In the eyes of the elderly, who have truly lived!

There’s magic in the souls
That set themselves on fire,
Over the things they love,
For the people they care!
Chasing dreams that are alight with passion.

There’s magic in those hearts
That bleeds over the miseries of others
Scattering love like confetti and glitter
Spreading kindness like fragrance in the air,
They’re the stars in the sky, seen by millions, yet known only by a few!

There’s magic in the spirits,
Of the people who rise every time they fall,
They’re a river that knows no end,
Flowing, Adapting, to the boulders on the way,
Cutting rocks and shaping stones!

If it isn’t magic, then what is it?
The stardust that has made you,
Was born billions of years ago,
Also creating every comet and burning star,
That is spread out across infinite space!

Tell me, what is it?
That you and I, and everyone that we know and don’t,
Are made up of the same things,
Living on a planet among thousand others,
In galaxies that are bound towards the same destination!

What is it?
Miracles happen every day,
But only the free souls witness it,

What is that makes this world mundane and magical,
That a single act of kindness,
Restores our faith in humanity!

How is that the same heart once broken,
Mends itself in the light of a new love.
What is that gives us hope, makes us believe,
That we can re-live again in the arms of the one we love.

How is that a single look from a stranger,
Can set our hearts racing out of their cages,
Making us weak in the knees and losing our breath,

Are we fools to believe,
That the eyes of a stranger is the solace,
To a soul that hasn’t known home!

What is it?
You and me; we are the universe, living and breathing to experience this universe one more time!


 The dark night and the moon light are treacherous. They cast a spell on me, one for which I had fallen before. It is a strange feeling to see your own soul unravel in someone else’s eyes, like your reflection in a lake, so clear yet surreal.

 Yet, I feel unsettled. It is not the first time that a stranger has been kind to me. For the first time in my life, it felt wrong to be heading in the direction of my h0me, as if I didn’t belong there. But, where do I belong? A stranger that I have known not for more than 5 minutes feels more real and close than all the people that I’ve ever known. I don’t know if my heart is betraying me or if my mind is playing tricks on me.

 I have once done the grave mistake of letting my heart out of its cage, and I almost lost myself. I never really knew who I am, or what my place in this world. But this unfamiliarity has been the only sure thing all along. A pair of dark eyes and an amusing smile has left me questioning my own sanity.

 I don’t want to feel this way but I can’t stop thinking about him. Stop! Stop! Stop!



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