Before and After you!

First impressions, a new world,

I’m going to make it my own,

Nervous smiles, familiar faces,

Taking in everything in sight,

Every breath and face, every sound,

The whispers and chatters,

The Click clack of keyboards,

The buzzing telephones,

I walk past them, wishing I’d disappear,

Trying hard not to give into my fear,

New people and possible friendships,

All I need to do is reach out,

My heart whispered to me “you’ll have a story”

People turn around to spot the new girl,

My eyes dart across the room,

Considering each face, trying to figure out,

Who’ll save me, who’ll cause the heartbreak,

I’ve always been too easy for love,

The first one to fall, the first one to ache,

This time it will be different,

Because I’m not the same,

Until my eyes settle on that smile,

Emanating from across the room,

A pair of brown eyes, a kind face,

Racing my heartbeat, warming my soul,

This is my doom, this is my solace.

You are the colorful spring,

after a long grey winter,

This time it will be different,

And I’m not the same,

For my life is split into two,

The one before, and the one after I met you!



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