The Reckless and the brave!

There is a picture that most of us have seen. It is usually hung on the walls of the Shrink-chambers, or well, random places.

It is an image of the earth, taken by the voyager 1 spacecraft in 1990, as it exited the solar system.

The pale Dot

The Pale Dot

Now every time I see that picture, it makes me question, why would anyone want to think little of themselves? How would anyone consider themselves feeble, and remotely non-existent? Every time that I hear the word Oblivion, my mind is dragged back to John Green’s Novel ‘Fault in our stars’. My beloved character from that book, Hazel Grace said that “Oblivion is inevitable

Now I know that the world is doomed, there will come a day when everything on this planet will be submerged under the ocean, and that the sun will swallow the earth. There would be a day, when an asteroid hits earth and the skies will be clouded in dust, blocking the sunlight for decades, and we all will be sent back to the Stone Age.

If people survive all of this, they will find their way back to the modern age, re-establishing the intellectual-technology-evolution cycle.

“If life survives”; or else the cycle of evolution will begin again, and in billions and billions of years, life will be born on this planet again.

So, when you know that anything and everything that you do and live for, will be wiped off of this universe, why is it necessary to go on?

Everything that you’ve created and built will fall apart. It will be destroyed.

Still, still we try!

I think it is important to accept that nothing is permanent and all that you are, will find an end. But isn’t it necessary to do the things that make your worthwhile?

Yes, you can skip all of that, and wait for the end to come, or you can live your life devoid of any meaning, because there will come a time, when every purpose will lose its meaning.

Life as we know it, will cease to exist!

You can live, or you can merely survive.

It is like common sense; Common sense is the rarest sense, and not everyone has it. You can still survive without it.

Yes! You’ll make the lives of the people around you, a whole lot difficult; especially of the ones who love you! The bottom line is, you can survive without common sense, just the way you can spend your life surviving.

The most important thing in life is to find the balance!

The balance between love and loss, failure and success, pain and pleasure, Oblivion and memories!

I hope you make the decision to chase your dreams and live it all.

I hope you’ve days, when you cry your eyes out due to sorrow, and have tears of joy! (All emotions fall out of your eyes, if your heart is the one that feels it. Ironical!)

I hope you do it all, live it all, because it is your one shot at life.

So throw away that instruction manual that you’ve been carrying all along. The one that was written by the society, your friends and family. There is no manual for life, but it provides a sense of comfort to assume that you have one. The problem is you’ll miss out on real life, while you’re busy reading the darn instructions.

There is a scene in the TV series- Gotham, when young Bruce Wayne (aka: the future Batman) discovers his father’s den (study). In there, he finds a letter addressed to him that reads roughly like this:

There will come a time in life, when you’ve to choose between truth and happiness. I hope you choose happiness

I believe that we all can choose happiness. But before that, we need to choose the truth.

The truth will set you free, and once you’ve accepted the truth, once you end your battles with the truth, you’ll find happiness!

Be Reckless, be Brave! Mediocre isn’t worth your time.

Live it all, then lose it all.

The world is going to end sweet pea, and so will you! So, you might as well make your worthwhile!

I hope you choose the truth, and find the courage to accept it!

Live your truth!






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  1. Keerthu · April 27, 2016

    Awesome…u die ur memories won’t..

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