The depth of a man’s soul is determined by the questions he asks, and not by his answers!

Sometimes, it takes a moment of stillness; just a brief second of calmness within you, to make you realize that when you really need the answers- you need to listen to the silence, to the beating of your own heart! You have to watch things pass you by, you have to turn into the rock, that watches the world around it, set in motion!

I don’t remember who it was that taught me to forget my sorrows by watching the stars! Probably it was my dad! He told me that we either find our answers, gazing at the stars or blissfully forget the questions!

It is said that when two people look at the same night sky, they see different things! The same moon can be an inspiration to the poet, or just a chunk of mass to a lay man.

The mystery of life is that the truth is nothing; the truth is what we chose to believe!

The universe lives within us, as much as we live in it.

The human mind is made up of the same things that the cosmos are made of. How different are we from the star that glows a 100 billion miles away, with fire burning inside of it, consuming it little by little. Burning to light up the world, burning to die, burning to exist!

How different are we from it?

Sometimes in life, we live through moments of absolute destruction, physical and mental!
People who bring chaos into our lives also leave behind a new perspective on life!

The same hurricane that crashes through everything that comes in its way, leaves behind a hope for survival, a chance to start over- a new beginning! A beginning for change!

People are just the same! You meet someone for a reason, and whether or not you’re willing to admit it, you are always a little different after them!

People are universe’s way of teaching life!

People teach you about love, life, change, adaptation, evolution, and so much more! When matter and anti-matter collide, it leads to an explosion! Yet beautiful things have originated from this spectacular process! The big-bang!!

When we meet someone, it is their universe colliding with ours, and whether you like it or not, things will change.

The trick is to accept and adapt to that change, with open arms; even if it scares you!

Perspective is a wonderful thing. From the point where you stand, you can either look at your own two feet and be content, or look at the sky above and be amazed!

Most of us walk through life, forgetting that a mysterious world exists inside of us, as much as it does above and around us!

Change! The right kind of change happens when we lay all our cards on the table. Everything that we have ever lived through,and everything we ever wanted out of life!

All our hopes and dreams, our aspirations, heartbreaks, and demons. Everything that makes us- US!

I realised that the truth enters you, only when you empty yourself completely, of all assumptions and feelings. You’ll get all worked up to let it all out. And when there is nothing left in you, only then will it hit you; not like a big epiphany, but as a subtle and gentle breeze. It will engulf you! Whatever it is, that you are trying to figure out, whatever it is that you seek, you will find it, but not by looking for it!

Let it come to you! It will come to you!

The universe has the answers to all the questions.

The universe is you!

Just make sure you are asking the right questions!


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