On being a woman!

From the day she was born, till the day she dies, she serves a purpose.

As a child, she’s the giggling center to her parents, the candy keeper to her siblings.

A perfect wingman to her brother, a partner in crime to her friends.

Whether she’s lost in her own confusions or is knee deep in her sorrows, she can bring a smile to your face on any day!

You have shared your deep dark secrets with her, and have heard the lamest jokes from her!

But, all the same, she’s the one thing on earth that gives “unconditional love” a new meaning.

She could be your best friend, your soulmate, your colleague, your teacher, your neighbour, your cook, your grocer, your doctor, your sister, your daughter, your mother, your cousin, your aunt, your grandmother, your partner or just someone you know!
You cannot define the relationship you have with her, because its not not bound to anything but it means everything!

She has made you feel safe, when she was terrified by her own insecurities. She has bombarded to with PDA’s when you were too awkward for it. She gives you the best advice when you’re broken, but also laughs as you slip and fall, just before giving out her hand to help you up!

She cooks you food, even if the only cuisine she knows is the “2 minute noodles”.

She has helped you complete your assignments and you have copied her answersheets, fearlessly in the exams.

She’s been your anchor, also the whistle blower for ratting you out to your friends or parents. She does this for fun! Surely, you don’t have a lifetime of scars due to it!

She gets lost and confused; she stumbles and falls due to her own decisions; she’s overwhelmed by shopping; and pleased by chocolates and icecreams;
yes, she’s complicated yet she desires simple things from life!

Yes, the laptop she wants as a gift is the red one, and the phone she owns is the white one with a gold button.

She makes wierd wishes before she blows out the candles of her birthday cake, she believes in fairytales or is too cynical about them.

She may be tough as a nut, or is too fragile!

She has a quirky sense of humor,  and a terrible taste in choosing people! She makes a fool of herself every once in a while, she goes out of her way to make you happy,
she’s shy yet powerful!

She is a ray of hope and sunshine, but also hides in her dark shell on some days!

She’s everything, yet she sometimes feels like nothing!

She strives to be a better version of herself EVERYDAY!

She’s not meant to be understood, she’s meant to be loved!

She’s a woman!

Take the time to tell her, how splendidly,  a fantabulous amazing person she is!

Be it to the person sitting right next to you, as you read this, or to someone who have known and adored for years, or to yourself!

Say it, say it out loud, because she deserves to hear it! TODAY!

Happy women’s day! ♥


One comment

  1. Beparvah !! · March 17, 2016

    I agree to it’s every line…
    God may always bless you !!

    Liked by 1 person

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