The continuum…

“Would you do it differently?” Emma asked me.

We had completed our trekking, and reached the top of the hill;
Throwing our backpacks aside, we rooted on the ground,  catching our breath;

Funny expression- catch your breath, do you catch up with your breathing pattern? Or make up for the lost breaths? simliar to the expression “following a trend”. Can you catch up with something that you can only follow?

The sun was yet to rise from the horizon; we had made it in time,  a promise I made to myself- to witness the sunrise and the sunset each day, to learn how to hope and to let go.

“Would you? If you were given a chance to go back in time and change your life?” She continued, staring deep into the sky; so that she wouldn’t miss the exact moment when the sun would show up!

“Would I? Tell me, would you repeat a mistake, clearly aware of its consequences, and the pain that comes along?” I asked her.

The answers didn’t really matter, they are easy! we are here to ask the right questions, and pray that the answers reveal what we truly seek!

She thought about it for a moment, tilting her head to the right; Typical Emma move!

“Depends on the mistake, I guess! Would I eat the god-awful tuna sandwich that you fixed for me yesterday, again? No!
Would I trek again to this place, inspite of the numbness I feel in my legs? Definitely!”

Answering my question, with a pun! I couldn’t help but grin.

I pondered, Would someone make a mistake, without being afraid, if there was a gaurantee that there’d be no pain or consequences.?

” I wouldn’t change a thing! There’s no saying, what leads to what. People say that everything happens for a reason; I don’t think I’ll ever know the reason why, my life is the way it is!” I said, savoring the picturesque view.

Being in the right place is enough for you to find all the answers! I think that’s what treasure hunt is all about! The answers you seek are hidden in certain places, waiting to be discovered!

“Makes you wonder though, doesn’t it? If you could change just one thing, a tiny choice,  to watch how different your life would turn out to be!”

“I’m big on happy endings, or atleast the peaceful ones! You know I’ve always believed that my story would have a peaceful ending! But I’ve witnessed the story of others; my grandpa’s for example! I don’t know if that was his happy ending” I told her! Emma knew my grandpa long enough to agree that he didn’t deserve the kind of death he endured!

Nobody really deserves death!

I continued “He was always happy with what he had! A minimalist! He was one of the liveliest people I’ve ever known, yet, life always seemed to hold a grudge against him”

“Or death just loved him too much” Emma replied, looking at me. I think she was trying to convince herself more than me.

We offer ourselves solaces that are anything but true! Its always the battle between truth and happiness, isn’t it? One has to choose between the two!

She pauses a while before continuing “I don’t think his story ends with his death! I don’t think anyone’s story ends that way. It would be so easy to give up then, wouldn’t it?”

She inhales deeply; life has given her too many surprises, and plenty of time to make up her mind about death!

She continues “His life was his story, but his death wasn’t! It became a part of his beloved ones; so I guess the story is still being written, by everyone he left behind!”

Stories don’t end! The ones that we know and have heard of, are just the entry and exit points into that long journey of a story; the pieces of the puzzle, that may fit to become an image, but will never be the entire picture!


I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.. and miles to go before I sleep!


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