el universo!


The universe has a reason for every minute process that it holds within. Every sunrise, every sunset that you witness is the glorious message which the universe sends out to prove that existence here, is not just about survival or existence. It is a rare and beautiful opportunity that is hidden behind the norm, the routine.

If you haven’t realized this yet, then wake up early on a cold morning, and wait; wait to watch the magnificent sunrise; it will not disappoint you! Remember, don’t just catch it by chance, or glimpse on it. Wait for it, wait for it to happen, anticipate and savor it, for the universe deserves that much!!You owe it to your broken soul and spirits.

Don’t look for the solutions to your problems in conversations and people, for you will not find it there, unless they have found it in themselves. The solace that you seek will not be unraveled to you until you learn to look into yourself. Do not search in shadows, what needs to be sought in the light. The universe holds the answers to all your questions, the solution to all your problems, the key to your happiness; it is here that your wounds will be healed. Yet, finding it will not come easy, but we already know that the universe is not a merciful teacher, but it is a willful one.

The way I know it, even if it takes years, or decades for us to understand the meaning and the true purpose of life on earth, our souls already contain those answers within. The key to unlock the door to all of it simply lies in nature. Albert Einstein once said “Look hard into the nature, it will provide you all the answers”; the answers to all the questions, which our puny minds could even fathom.

With every sunrise that I witness, I learn a little bit more about myself, about nature; and with every sunset that teaches us to let go, let go even when its painful to do so, let go even if it is everything you ever wanted, everything you need and everything you’ve ever asked for. Let go, and the sunset will let you witness something spectacular – the universe strutting its stars in the dark night sky, in all its glory and then, only then will you truly understand that life has never been just about survival. It is about witnessing the great perhaps, and accepting everything that comes with it. Life is all about balance; the balance between love and heartbreak; between joy and sorrow; between life and death; between the past and the future- in the present! The only sure thing about this universe is that it is under constant change. If it is true that it came from nothing, then it is also as true as the fact that one day it will collapse into pure nothingness!! Until then folks!



  1. Jarvis · December 29, 2015

    Beautifully written. 🙂

    Just to add to this wonderful piece. See you on the other side of the sunset. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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