Second Chances♥

I wish I could tell you…

that beneath the demons that haunt me.. there is an angel with broken wings who could once fly..

Who would paint the sky with colors of hope and happiness, because she believed!

I wish I could tell you, that I know the goodness you keep hidden in you, coz you fear you’ll be hurt.. again!

I wish I could tell you, that you are adorable, like a child, and all your stubborness and tantrums are just facades to fool people..

I wish I could tell you, that people arent always predictable and can surprise you if you’d just give them a chance, I surprised you, didn’t I?

I wish I could tear down the walls that you’ve built around yourself.. brick by brick, to show you that the world is still beautiful, if you’d just open your eyes and see..

I wish we could start over..

I wish that I could tell you every stupid, silly thing that I do.. you’d be surprised that the charade is never ending.. but you already know that! You once used to drop everything to listen and laugh at them…

I wish I could stop putting your happiness before mine, and burn this distance that you’ve put between us.. I wish you’d stop running.. I wish you’d turn back, you’d find me waiting..

I wish you’d see that I’m not fine, I’m not happy, I wish you’d see the darkness and the fear that I hide beneath all my goofiness! You once did!

I wish I could read every emotion that passed through your eyes like I once did.. coz all I can see now is steel.. cold.. and ice..

We are now strangers who once knew each other too well..

I wish we could be “Us” again!


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  1. Uday · November 15, 2015


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