The near death experience of Mr. Flappy!

So, a post was long overdue, and as much I’d love to call myself lazy to type 2 sentences right, I’d save that title for some other day, when I have truly earned it!

I need to ask this question, so that you can relate to my post (That’s right I’m writing about me! Because I just realized-this is my blog after all!!) 😀

Have you ridden (along the rider) a sports bike; A classic Honda RC-V model (Moto GP fans! you know what I’m talking about!) at a neck breaking speed, curving and swooping through maddening traffic, while your heart sits on the tip of your mouth, all set to fall out? Oh wait; I forgot to mention, I had no riding gears or a helmet! 😛

It must feel kick-ass awesome you say?  Hell, yeah! It is insane and epic, but one thing is for sure, any atheist will transform into a believer in about 0-10 seconds! (In my case, the adrenaline kicked in after 30s). So, there I was, seated on the pillion, feeling powerful, majestic, funny, a little terrified and stupid(all at once) for being the overconfident volunteer in the (unchallenged) bike race. But it is a great feeling when you’re grinning one second, and the next moment you are praying to all gods. (As much as I’d like to brag about being fearless, I once used to be petrified of roller coasters, so no arguments there!) 😀 😀

If you are wondering, if something bad happened after this experience, I’ll cut to the chase. Nothing bad happened (well, almost nothing!) because we almost hit two cars (almost!) after which I strangled my friend who rode the 800 cc beast, while my heart jumped out of my mouth, performed a cart-wheel, leaped high in the air, landing in a perfect split, and marched back into my rib cage! 😐

But, this is just the background story-the prologue, if you will; the story is about Mr. Flappy who had a near death experience! Now Mr. Flappy is an ear, a big Flappy ear of a dog that( I think) is called Saint Bernard(After an extensive search on Google,  I settled for this breed because I felt like I had to identify someone from a police lineup, and they all looked the same adorable-woogly woogly cute to me!)

Look at him... being all Awwww!!!!!

Look at him… being all Awwww!!!!!

After the day I had, I was riding back home in my Ray-z at a speed that my poor tiny-tire bike could handle (which by the way, didn’t make me realize that this wasn’t the Grand Prix, and I wasn’t Rossi). Speaking of Rossi, we share the same birthday, how cool is that? Anyways routing back to the story, the big adorable furry dog was hopping down the street, lost in his own world (probably thinking about his GF, or his latest delicious bone!) and as I approach him, blaring the horn like crazy, he blissfully marches onto the middle of the road, and I brush past Mr. Flappy, escaping at a hair’s breadth (I hope!) as I call him “Kutte” (translated as a Dog). Now, the furry dog didn’t mind the name calling, but the owner of the dog (who probably has low self-esteem issues) assuming that I abused him, yells loudly behind my back as I ride off into the dark road( We had a power cut, don’t ask! 😛 )

Now, if I had damaged a hair on Mr. Flappy, I would have happily replaced Mr.Flappy with my own ear, although it would look pretty lame and a lot more funny!

Moral of the story: Always drive safe, if you love dogs! ( I do, I do, I do!) or ears, for that matter! Just ride safe. 🙂

Sorry, Mr. Flappy 😦



  1. Uday · November 4, 2015

    Awww, Mr. Flappy! It was his lucky day. But whatever happened to your headlights?
    And no, I have no intention of becoming a believer so I’m not getting on a mad race ever! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Girl in the green $hrug · November 4, 2015

      Oh I forgot to mention… he was ahead of me… so headlights really were of no use… and he was blissfully jumping around without a cae in the world..
      Believer or not… mad race itself is insane… I dunno how these guys race on tracks…! Thrilling and terrifying! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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