Depth of the Ocean

So, This was the first poem I ever wrote, which was almost 2 years back!

It was something that came up in the spur of the moment, when I didn’t even know I could write (not like write-write, duh!) but it has continued ever since! Re-route the frustration, and voila- something spectacular happens 🙂

Creativity really feeds off the pain, eh? 😉

I know, I fear , the consequences of  being close to you…

Stay far away, every cell in  my body warns me, its true…

You are the reason for my pain, also my cure…

You will never love me the way I do, I’m sure….

Give me all your pain and sorrow..

Because that will be the only thing I’ll borrow..

I will take it with me and set it afloat the ocean…

And then I’ll be set free from the insanity of these emotions..

That one day, you will walk away from me, writing my life’s last chapter….

And I will be here, waiting, broken heart and my world in shatters!


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