This is for everyone who has been fiercely true to themselves!2015-10-01 22.55.15

Do you wonder what your purpose in life is?

Do you believe that it is large?! Larger than what you live for and do everyday?

Will you believe me if I told you that your purpose is not just one thing? It is the whole story in all its glory, which is full of smiles and surprises, heartbreak and sorrows, mischief’s and fights!

Every single step that you take everyday even when its back and forth in the same path, has led you now to You!

Will you believe me, if I told you that sometimes being completely irrational is fair? Getting hurt for all the wrong reasons knowing the consequences, is Okay?

Will you trust me if I told you that every little quirk, every thought that passes your mind, every single thing you do has somehow changed and helped someone somewhere?

You make a huge difference by being you; sincerely and unapologetically YOU!

Break down that wall of glass that you surround yourself with, little by little until it shatters down to the ground, and then you can truly see the stars above you, magnificently burning in the night sky! Being yourself means that you burn yourself to oblivion, disappearing in the cosmos! But oh so gloriously!

Be fearless, get slaughtered out there, be vulnerable, let nothing pass you by, if it breaks you, then so be it! You don’t get out of this life alive, so can either choose to burn or turn to mush! Chase your every dream until they are tired of running away from you!

Go out of your way, to do something for someone even if people don’t understand or appreciate you! Not every superhero needs a cape! You find your true meaning when you lose your definition!

Do everything that your heart tells you to, listen to every heartbeat and let it guide you, in the times of uncertainty like a beacon. Follow it ruthlessly; never second guess on what your heart believes to be true! Because it is made from the soul of this universe, and they all beat together in the same way, speaking the same words, in different languages; humming the same songs in different tunes!

Remember, there are people out there who listen to their heart, and they are worth fighting for, and YOU are one of them!


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